Bride of a Hustla 1-3

Lock Down Publications #ad - No one will be the same by the time the smoke clears. Synopsis 3sasha thinks she has finally found her peace and happiness in the arms of BLUE, who loves her perfectly. Although sasha is formerly the bride of a hustla, one shocking secret between her and Quamae could have them back together, as it can potentially destroy the new lives they’re living.

Synopsis 1trapped in a living hell, sasha dreams of being rescued by a rich, handsome man who’ll whisk her away from her daily nightmare. But sasha is keeping secrets that will ultimately force her to commit the ultimate betrayal. However, blue is there to help her regain her memory and pick up the pieces of her shattered heart.

Sasha is swept off of her feet by Quamae’s intoxicating addiction to her and soon their love is an inferno. During this hellish journey, friendships are lost, tears are cried and lives are taken. Honestly, she never believed that dream would come true because not much of anything good has ever come her way.

Bride of a Hustla 1-3 #ad - But then, along comes qUAMAE, an irresistible drug dealer who has the game on lock. But the bride of a hustla is about to find out that her husband QUAMAE won't rest until she's his again. Sasha can’t believe her good fortunes when Quamae falls head over heels in love with her and wants to make her his bride.

But when two notorious killers are on the hunt for sasha, will he keep his word and defend her at any cost? Or is the price too much for him to pay? QUAMAE has started a new life with GIGI and he couldn’t be happier.


The Fetti Girls 1-3

Lock Down Publications #ad - But it's not about what they want, Blacque Barbee plays by her own rules. All rich wants to do is love her and provide her with anything and everything her heart desires. Will rich become another victim of black barbee and her crew? or will his intoxicating swag and powerful love break through and force Black Barbee to abandon her plan to have him laid down and robbed for his whole stash? When well-laid plans unravel, blood and tears will be shed and sisterly bonds could be broken forever, as the most conniving woman to ever rock a skirt must decide if her love for the fetti outweighs the love that's blossoming in her heart.

Synopsis 2after a frightening close call with death, BLACQUE BARBEE wants to leave the game for good and start a new life with COREY. It's all about the money with THE FETTI GIRLS. Most men want to sex her, many want to wife her. Can barbee escape the long arms of justice, finally bring her to her knees?meanwhile, or will KARMA, after uncovering the truth behind DRE'S inability to leave his wife, the baddest bitch on the planet, SIERRA must decide if he’s worth the fight or if she should let go.

The Fetti Girls 1-3 #ad - Walking away is far too easy, but staying could cost Sierra her last breath and the life of her unborn child. In this powerful final installment, each page will leave you gasping for air as every question gets answered emphatically. Robbing dope boys and living lavish is the only thing that fascinates her and her girls, CHYNA, MERCEDES and NEHIYA.

The women will go to all limits to set men up and leave them face down with empty safes.



Lock Down Publications #ad - Tragedy and heartbreak follow her like a dark cloud blocking out the sunshine she so desperately seeks. After her ex boyfriend's abusive ways and infidelities leave her shattered, the last thing she is looking for is love. A distinguished thug stole my heart. But, when her beauty and sexiness catches the eye of a handsome and distinguished thug named G, nothing can stop her from falling head over heels for the refined bad boy.

But trouble looms over them in the form of Nova's ex man, who refuses to let go of what they had. In the windy city of chicago, Illinois, NOVA can't seem to catch a break. Will nova lose g's love because of a past she can't escape? Or will G's love prove to be a strong as his hustle?Sparks, bullets, and accusations fly non-stop in the drama-filled urban romance.


Savages and Side bitches: 1-4

King Benjamin Presents #ad - Knowing what comes with the life, she accepted a lot of Face’s ways, but when she is hit with the ultimate disrespect back to back, it becomes too much to bear. Melonia has been with the same guy for the past two years, and although they’ve been through trials, she always felt that he truly loved her.

Will melonia have the guts to go after what she wants no matter what she has to give up in order to get it? Will Tookie find the strength to leave or will she stay and suffocate at the mercy of side chicks? As her life gets turned upside down she is awakened to the fact that the man she’s really been wanting had been right there for the taking all along.

Savages and Side bitches: 1-4 #ad - Tookie has been the “it” girl since fifteen years old when she linked up with a well-known hustler named Face from the other side of town. But when a crazy stalker comes out of nowhere, it leads to confusion and a ton of unanswered questions. Although they seem to be on different paths, the one thing they have in common is the knack for searching for love in all the wrong places.

Join these girls on a wild ride through the streets of Detroit as they make a few stops at Drama Street, Murder Ave, and Infidelity Road. Best friends tookie and melonia have reached an age of maturity and it’s time to start making real decisions about life and love.


The Boss Man's Daughters 1-5

Lock Down Publications #ad - When trouble reaches such a height that common sense dictates that they run, will their father accept the inevitable or will his thirst for vengeance become the undoing of the family? The love, will the Walker girls finally fold or will they stand strong in the face of the deadly storm? When all odds are against him, lies and betrayals reach damning heights in THE BOSS MAN'S DAUGHTERS 2: FEEL MY WRATH.

Synopsis 3when the impossible happens, and the walker sisters, freedOM, the game changes, ANGEL and DESTINY are out to make the world shiver at the sounds of their heels clicking and their guns clacking. One thing that never gets compromised is their loyalty to each other and the man that fueled their ambitions.

But what he comes home to is the surprise of a lifetime. Father god was larger than life. Now the only question remaining is how hard will the girls go after their beloved father's killer, considering it's their mother? With THE BOSS MAN'S DAUGHTERS, no injustice to their daddy goes unpunished. He was thought to be untouchable, but one woman did what many men couldn't-- she brought him down and placed him inside of a casket.

The Boss Man's Daughters 1-5 #ad - Did losing father god make them lose themselves? or will they bury their grief and rock the world to its core in the name of Love, Hate and Revenge?SYNOPSIS 4From the grizzly death of their beloved father to the murder of their disloyal mother, one of the sisters, The Walker girls have survived everything the game has thrown at them, is lost, but when ANGEL, FREEDOM and DESTINY are beyond consoling.

But in their convoluted world of deadly mischief, a happy ending will be hard to come by. Royal's treachery stands in the way of familial harmony, and this time the enemy the women face is one with their same bloodline.


Meesh, Myself and I: Box Set: Books 1-3

Rose City Ink #ad - If she doesn’t, she could find herself at the end of her rope. From murder and deception to shocking secrets exposed, Me’Shellay will do whatever it takes to secure love and protect family. It only lays the foundation of what is to come. This handsome street thug quickly captures Meesh’s heart using his melodic voice and they instantly create a secret bond.

The twists are many and the shockers are plenty. Book 1me’shellay ‘meesh’ lopez is born and raised in an urban neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. Me’shellay lopez’s struggle with love goes on. Being both blessed and cursed by a very special gift of intuition, Meesh navigates through unforeseen circumstances only to discover that she is helpless when it really counts.

Meesh, Myself and I: Box Set: Books 1-3 #ad - Me’shellay is still married to the unfaithful Sanders, but things take a shift as a new chapter in her life begins. Or, better yet, at the end of her life… This very fast paced intro to this three-book series is just the beginning of Me’Shellay’s Journey. With their relationship on the low, Sanders Torres is able to slide in the picture and shake things up.

Meesh doesn’t feel the pressure of dating both until a surprise lands her in a compromising position. Once his infidelities catch up with him in the worse way, it jeopardizes the lives of his loved ones. Will sanders and me’shellay weather the storm? can kerron come back and pick up where he left off? Will she finally be reunited with her long lost son, or will she end up all alone once again? Whatever the outcome may be, it will create a whole new world for her…BOOK 3The story picks right up where it left off with the plane crash.


Ra & Dre boxset 1-5: A Thug Love Affair

Sa'id Salaam presents #ad - Typical Harlem pretty thug type. Andrea coleman, akA Dre, grew up on the same mean streets. A box set containing the entire 5 book series. Ramel jennings known on the block as Ra is a straight up goon. Hanging with her drug dealing older brother, she was more partial to boxing and basketball than ballet and Barbies.

Love is the only thing they can't outrun. The two had been friends for as long as they could remember and in love for about the same amount of time. Except neither would admit it. She eventually inherited the block's hustling cocaine trade and he was her right hand man. Take a wild ride with two of Harlems finest as they travel up and down the east coast on a paper Chase.


Thugs Cry 1-3

Lock Down Publications #ad - Synopsis 1cam'ron and raheem hail from the notorious Brick City in Newark New Jersey. He helps her beat her addiction and soon she's refocused on her dream of becoming a R&B diva. Young nard has finally brought down CJ, Newark, New Jersey’s most powerful and most dynamic crack King. They make many mothers bury their sons and shed tears, but on the road to hood fame and riches they learn that sometimes the enemy strikes back and its your turn to cry.

Kayundra, raheem's shorty has fallen into drug addiction and it has her in a vice grip. When atl thugs test raheem's gun they find out that a quiet storm is the deadliest. But when raheem's loyalty collides with his Islamic faith, and the chance to love again presents itself, his principles get tested. If rah survives, there’s going to be a war in the streets unlike anything the decrepit city has ever witnessed, as he seeks to avenge the death of a friend whom he loved like a brother.

Thugs Cry 1-3 #ad - From the bricks to the ATL nigga's must bow down or get laid down. Raheem's love for Kayundra never wavers. With raheem's help Kayundra lands a recording deal and almost overnight she becomes a star. But success comes at a price that threatens to shatter their love. Raheem and cam'ron go hard for what they want, and they attain it, leaving a lot of bodies along the way.

Young nard shows that he can match CJ's gangsta body for body.


Lies and F*ckery Box Set: Complete Series

King Benjamin Presents #ad - When bianca introduces Regina to her new boyfriend's best friend things grow interesting really quick. As trust is broken things get even more complicated and the girls find themselves taken on a hood journey that grows wilder than they could ever imagine. It's the beginning of the summer and Bianca and her cousin Regina are ready to make it one for the history books.

Lies and F*ckery Box Set: Complete Series #ad - But temptation threatens everyone's happiness from an unlikely source; and when the streets get too hot the girls run for cover, leaving them with some tough decisions to make. But once they have the right women in their lives it seemed they are destined for the good life. When trust is broken and lives are put at risk who will find their love worth fighting for?

These guys aren't like the usual schoolboy types they've dated in the past. As bianca and regina explore these new found love interest things blossom but they soon find out these bad boys live up to their names in more ways than one. Cheddar and Domo have small dollars and big money dreams.


When the Heart Turns Cold 1 & 2 Lady Ice

Nayberry Publications #ad - Book 2 what was done in the dark has come to light and this time Nala is all cried out. He is about to find out there is a thin line is between love and hate when Nala's heart turns cold. Kendrick and nala jordan were inseparable from the very beginning, and they became the most highly respected and sought out power couple in Philly.

Her entire world shatters when she walks in and catches Kendrick in a compromising position. They had a strong foundation, including a beautiful home, wealth and happiness…or so Nala thought. The once beloved, charismatic woman has risen like a phoenix and now she is a force to be reckoned with in her career, home and in the community.

When the Heart Turns Cold 1 & 2 Lady Ice #ad - Every man that crosses her path is at risk of feeling her wrath. Her desire to inflict pain is growing by the minute and she is on a quest to rid the world of unfaithful married, men – one at a time. 2-books from the lady ice series included: book 1 Love was all Nala Jordan ever wanted, so marrying the handsome and ambitious Kendrick Jordan was more than she could’ve ever dreamed.

Will kendrick be able to reconnect with Nala before she goes too far? Will his recommitment to be faithful melt the ice from her broken heart? .


Corrupted by a Gangsta 1-3

Lock Down Publications #ad - Even if it means catching a body or two. After being corrupted by a gangsta, there is no turning back and anybody can get it, male or female. But there's something very troubling that she doesn't know about her new love. Synopsis 1zuri is a sexy, beautiful good girl from a clean background, and her head is on straight.

Now she's ready to start a new life with her man. In the blink of an eye, all of that just might change when she encounters a man so dangerously irresistible he makes her heart flutter and her juices overflow. Brick is the proverbial bad boy who's all about his paper and reclaiming the mean streets of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which he once controlled until fate landed him in prison.

But this time they messed with the wrong chick! Empowered with Diamonds and Glocks, will Zuri come out on top? Or is her downfall lurking in the shadows? But what will happen when that person refuses to let her break away?Once CORRUPTED BY A GANGSTA, it's hard for a good girl gone bad to return to her unsullied roots, especially when she's being pulled in two different directions.

Corrupted by a Gangsta 1-3 #ad - Despite brick's dangerous lifestyle, Zuri loves him with all of her heart. Now, he's back on the streets and determined to exact revenge on those who betrayed him when he was away. Meeting a woman like zuri was never in Brick's plans, but he sees the value in making her his girl, but all of his plans for her aren't good.

In order to do that, she must sever ties with the one person she has loved, unconditionally, her entire life. In that moment she realizes it's time to bury the good girl and allow her inner gangster to surface, if she wants to survive.