Fear City: Repairman Jack: The Early Years

Tor Books - Paul wilson builds the concluding chapter of Repairman Jack: The Early Years, the prequel trilogy focusing on the formative years of Wilson's globally popular supernatural troubleshooter. The strands of jack's life, established in the first two books, Cold City and Dark City, are now woven into a complete pattern.

Jack threads his way through this intricate maze, as people he loves are stripped away from him in a way that presages the later epic series of novels. Rage, terror, and redemption: these are the stones upon which F. Centered around an obscure group of malcontents intent on creating a terrible explosion in New York City in 1993, Fear City shows the final stages of young Jack becoming Repairman Jack.

Fear City: Repairman Jack: The Early Years - This edition of the book is the deluxe, tall rack mass market paperback. It is a dark and terrible story, a freelance torturer, with secret agents, love, death, full of plots and needless mayhem, a secret society as old as human history, and a very bleak triumph.

Dark City: Repairman Jack: The Early Years

Tor Books - Tor Books. Jack has been something of a tag-along to this point, but now he takes the reins and demonstrates his innate talent for seeing biters get bit. Paul Wilson. It's february 1992. Desert storm is raging in Iraq but twenty-two-year-old Jack has more pressing matters at home. Dark city is the second of a new prequel trilogy, Repairman Jack: The Early Years by F.

His favorite bar, is about to be sold out from under Julio, The Spot, Jack's friend. With a body count even higher than in cold City, this second novel of the Early Years Trilogy hurtles Jack into the final volume in which all scores will be settled, all debts paid.

Cold City: A Repairman Jack Novel

Tor Books - Tor Books. He doesn't own a gun yet, though he's already connected with Abe. And that's just Book One. Tor Books. Cold city is the first of three Repairman Jack prequels, revealing the past of one of the most popular characters in contemporary dark fantasy: F. Soon he'll meet Julio and the Mikulski brothers. Paul wilson's self-styled "fix-it" man who is no stranger to the macabre or the supernatural, hired by victimized people who have no one else to turn to.

We join jack a few months after his arrival in New York City. He runs afoul of some dominicans, gets on the bad side of some Arabs, starts a hot affair, winds up at the East Side Marriott the night Meir Kahane is shot, and disrupts the smuggling of preteen sex slaves.

Jack: Secret Circles Repairman Jack

Tor Teen FBA-|292671 - Jack knows, creatures, better than anyone, that the Barrens are dangerous―a true wilderness filled with people, and objects lost from sight and memory. Jack doesn't believe in that old folk tale, but something is roaming the Pines. When his five-year-old neighbor goes missing, Jack can't help feeling responsible.

He should have taken Cody home when he found him riding his bicycle near the Pine Barrens. Then a lost man wanders out of the woods after being chased all night by. Something. Tor Books. Like the ancient, weezy, fifteen-foot-tall stone pyramid he, and Eddie discover. Could it have cody? and what about the strange circus that set up outside town? Could they be involved? So many possibilities, so little time.

Jack: Secret Circles Repairman Jack - . Jack thinks it might have been a cage of some sort, but for what kind of animal, he can't say. Eddie jokes that it could have been used for the Jersey Devil. Tor Books.

Jack: Secret Vengeance Repairman Jack

Tor Teen FBA-|283611 - Tor Books. And unlike most of the popular kids at school, he's not stuck up. Jack even sees him defending a Piney kid who is being bullied in the hall. Carson needs to be taught a lesson. Tor Books. Jack tries to convince her to report Carson, but Weezy would rather just forget it ever happened. Even jack's best friend Weezy has a crush on him.

She begs him not to tell anyone, and Jack reluctantly agrees. But then carson starts telling his own version of what happened that night and suddenly everyone is calling her "Easy Weezy. Jack's concern turns to rage. Everyone loves senior carson toliver, the captain and quarterback of the football team, heartthrob of South Burlington County Regional High―especially the girls.

Jack: Secret Vengeance Repairman Jack - With the help of the pineys―reclusive inhabitants of the mysterious Jersey Pine Barrens who have secrets of their own―Jack finds a way to exact secret vengeance…. In F. Paul wilson's third young adult novel, the teenage Jack demonstrates the skills that will serve him later in life as the urban mercenary known as Repairman Jack.

Which is why jack is so surprised when Weezy tells him that Carson took her on a date and attacked her.

Ground Zero: A Repairman Jack Novel

Tor Books - On september 11, 2001, a man drifts in a boat off lower Manhattan as the towers burn. The truth is stranger, darker, and more evil than anyone can imagine. Tor Books. Tor Books. And if the plot behind it--millennia in the planning--succeeds, it will forever change life on this Earth. He removes a small box from his pocket and presses a button.

As he waits for the south tower to collapse, he thinks: No one―absolutely no one―will guess the truth behind the who and why of this day. Years later, jack's childhood friend, Weezy Connell, fits together the pieces of the puzzle and anonymously posts her conclusions on the Web. When someone comes after her, jack becomes involved in her troubles and in the paranoid maze of the 9/11 Truth Movement, where conspiracy theories point in every direction.

Ground Zero: A Repairman Jack Novel - They're all wrong.

NIGHTWORLD Adversary Cycle/Repairman Jack

Tor - Gaping holes, when the first unearthly, bottomless and empty…until sundown, hungry creatures appear. Nightworld brings F. Tor Books. The first forms in central park, in sight of an apartment where Repairman Jack and a man as old as time watch with growing dread. Paul wilson's adversary cycle and repairman jack saga to an apocalyptic finale as Jack and Glaeken search the Secret History to gather a ragtag army for a last stand against the Otherness and a hideously transformed Rasalom.

This is the way the world ends…not with a bang but a scream in the dark. It begins at dawn, when the sun rises late. Then the holes appear. Tor Books.

Jack: Secret Histories Repairman Jack

Tor Teen - Or rather he's learning how. Tor Books. Tor Books. Ever come across a situation that simply wasn't right―where someone was getting the dirty end of the stick and you wished you could make things right but didn't know how? Fourteen-year-old Jack knows how. Not bikes or toys or appliances―situations…. It all starts when jack and his best friends, Weezy and Eddie, discover a rotting corpse―the victim of ritual murder―in the fabled New Jersey Pine Barrens.

What is its secret? what is the secret of the corpse? what other mysteries hide in the dark, the surrounding Barrens, his friends, timeless Pine Barrens? And who doesn't want them revealed?Jack's town, even Jack himself…they all have…Secret Histories. He's discovering that he has a knack for fixing things.

Jack: Secret Histories Repairman Jack - Beside the body is an ancient artifact carved with strange designs.

Panacea: A Novel The ICE Sequence

Tor Books - Tor Books. Paul wilson is the winner of the career achievement in Thriller Fiction in the 2017 RT Reviewers' Choice Best Book Awards Medical examiner Laura Fanning has two charred corpses and no answers. Her preliminary investigation points to a cult in the possession of the fabled panacea―the substance that can cure all ills―but that's impossible.

Laura finds herself unknowingly enmeshed in an ancient conflict between the secretive keepers of the panacea and the equally secretive and far more deadly group known only as 536, a brotherhood that fervently believes God intended for humanity to suffer, not be cured. Tor. The billionaire's own body guard, a mercenary who isn't who he pretends to be, Rick Hayden, has to keep her alive as they race to find the legendary panacea before the agents of 536 can destroy it.

Panacea: A Novel The ICE Sequence - Paul wilson, author of the Repairman Jack series. Finalist in rt reviewer's Choice Best Book Awards for Best Thriller F. Two secret societies vie for control of the ultimate medical miracle―Panacea―in the latest novel by New York Times bestselling author F. Both bear a mysterious tattoo but exhibit no known cause of death.

Their only connection to one another is a string of puzzling miracle cures. Tor Books.

Reborn Adversary Cycle/Repairman Jack

Tor Books - Veilleur too has been drawn to the group, but he realizes it's not Satan who is coming. Roderick hanley, Nobel Prize-winning geneticist, dies in a plane crash. The true nature of his inheritance―and the truth about his conception―will crush him. In new york city a group of charismatics has been drawn together―without invitation, simply showing up at a Murray Hill brownstone―with a sense of great purpose.

Satan is coming, and they have been chosen to fight him. Mr. Veilleur, he knows something has gone wrong…terribly, cosmically wrong. Dr. His last words: "the boy! they'll find out about the boy! he'll find out about himself!" When Jim Stevens, learns that he is the sole heir to the Hanley estate, an orphan and struggling writer, he is sure he has at last found his biological father.

Reborn Adversary Cycle/Repairman Jack - Tor. Satan would be a suitable au pair compared to the ancient evil that is in the process of being Reborn. Tor is reissuing the third title in the Adversary Cycle, The Touch, in July 2009. Tor Books. Tor Books. When an ancient artifact dissolves in the hands of a man calling himself Mr.

The Tomb Adversary Cycle/Repairman Jack

Tor Books - But worst of all, it threatens Gia's daughter Vicky, the last surviving member of a bloodline marked for extinction. Much to the chagrin of his girlfriend, Gia, Repairman Jack doesn't deal with appliances. He fixes situations―situations that too often land him in deadly danger. Tor Books. Tor. The quest leads jack to a rusty freighter on Manhattan's West Side docks.

. What he finds in its hold threatens his sanity and the city around him. Used book in Good Condition. Tor Books. His latest fix is finding a stolen necklace which, unknown to him, is more than a simple piece of jewelry. Some might say it's cursed, others might call it blessed.