Gathered From Coincidence: British Folk-Pop Sound Of 1965-1966 /Various

Grapefruit #ad - With british acts making music that, for the first time in nascent pop history, matched the quality of their American counterparts, suddenly everything was grist to the mill and musical cross-pollination was almost de rigueur. With a significant number of tracks making their cd debut and even a couple of previously unissued cuts, Gathered From Coincidence is a fascinating, even revelatory overview of a still largely-neglected stitch in pop's unending tapestry: that curiously downbeat two-year period between the dying embers of the beat boom's irresistible exuberance and the arrival of psychedelia's swirling multi-coloured hues.

But in the wake of the british beat/r&b boom or, the British Invasion and the emergence of Bob Dylan, if you were in America, such barriers were broken down for good. That was particularly true in Britain, which saw many variations on the basic pop-meets-folk theme in America, folk-rock had a relatively homogenised sound.

By 1965, the folk-pop nexus was at it's glorious peak. Ranging from massive chart hits to records that barely sold in double figures, the young wannabes, the musical dilettantes, Gathered From Coincidence includes the true believers, the cash-in merchants, of course, just for good measure, the earnest protest singers - and, the old guard looking to resuscitate a fading career and, we've also rounded up a handful of folksploitation discs from those positioning themselves for roughly three minutes as anti-protest protesters.

Gathered From Coincidence: British Folk-Pop Sound Of 1965-1966 /Various #ad - . Across three cds and 79 tracks, marianne faithfull-inspired female chanteuses and r&b hoodlums in newly-pensive mode, Gathered From Coincidence examines every aspect of the British mid-Sixties folk-pop boom, incorporating Dylan-inspired singer/songwriters with a commercial pop sensibility, the more introverted beat groups, all bound together by the 6 or 12-string thrum or Rickenbacker clang.

Dylan and the beatles impacted heavily on each other, while The Byrds were pitched midway between the two - although their combination of jingle-jangle guitars and world-weary harmonies was heavily indebted to folk-pop pioneers The Searchers.


Come Join My Orchestra: British Baroque Pop Sound 1967-1973 / Various

Grapefruit #ad - Come join my orchestra covers british baroque pop's formative years and it's integration into a wide variety of genres, ranging from Johnny McEvoy's exquisitely sculpted take on traditional pop balladry and a clutch of dyed-in-the-wool folkies Ian Campbell, Bert Jansch etc to McCartney acolytes Fickle Pickle, Mike Batt, the Gerry Rafferty-led Humblebums and symphonic/art rock bands like Procol Harum and Barclay James Harvest.

. Wilson and the left banke led the way in the US, but Britain was also awash with acts mining the baroque pop seam. In the immediate wake of ground-breaking albums like Rubber Soul, Revolver and Pet Sounds, the British and American music scenes became increasingly ambitious and cerebral. Honeybus, donovan, fusing mournful minor chord melodies with fey vocals, The Zombies, Nirvana and many others made significant recordings in that field, ornate arrangements and what had previously been considered non-rock instrumentation.

As the major recording studios becoming ever more sophisticated, a new generation of musicians and producers sought to emulate the backroom auteur status of Brian Wilson or the symbiotic relationship between George Martin and The Beatles. With a lavish 40-page booklet, many recordings making their first appearance on CD and two tracks by The Regime and The Mellow Yellow gaining their first-ever release, Come Join My Orchestra is a fascinating overview of what was a major development in late Sixties pop music, and one that reverberates to this day.

A new, with harpsichords, more melancholic strain was introduced into British pop: expansive orchestral arrangements merged with the burgeoning psychedelic mind-set to create such studio-bound masterpieces as Days Of Future Passed and of course Sgt Pepper, recorders and French horns providing a moody, flutes, oboes, introverted chamber pop flourish.

Come Join My Orchestra: British Baroque Pop Sound 1967-1973 / Various #ad - When paul mccartney - who arguably kick-started the whole baroque pop genre when he recorded the likes of 'Yesterday' and 'Eleanor Rigby' with pivotal strings arrangements - made his oft-quoted remark that pop was the classical music of the 20th Century, perhaps he meant it in a more literal sense than anyone realized at the time.


Try A Little Sunshine: British Psychedelic Sounds Of 1969 / Various

Grapefruit #ad - Housed in a clambox with a 44-page booklet that includes biographical information on every band as well as rare photos, Try A Little Sunshine covers every aspect of the 1969 British pop sound to provide not just four hours of vital late Sixties music, but a fascinating look at how the mode of the music changed as a tumultuous decade drew to a close.

The attack's chunky mod-pop vignettes gave way to Andromeda's power trio riffing, bluesier approach, Status Quo moved from day-glo popsike to a looser, The Pretty Things reluctantly left behind their neglected masterpiece S. For other, procol harum and the move, more commercially successful bands like The Spencer Davis Group, it was a case of attempting to maintain their high-profile status while also showing signs of progression.

Sorrow to explore more introverted territory, grapefruit traded their gossamer-light harmony pop template for a relatively stripped-down sound, and Colin Giffin eschewed The End's psychedelic dreamscapes to dabble in post-'Eleanor Rigby' baroque pop. 1967 was undoubtedly the high-water mark of the era, but the psychedelic genre's influence lingered for some while afterwards.

Try A Little Sunshine: British Psychedelic Sounds Of 1969 / Various #ad - That dichotomy saw the british pop and rock scene exhibit a strong element of musical schizophrenia, as can be heard on Try A Little Sunshine: The British Psychedelic Sounds of 1969, the latest instalment in Grapefruit's acclaimed late Sixties series. A significant number of great, clearly nobody had told the likes of The Factory, heavily lysergic records were still appearing if psychedelia was dead, Fleur de Lys or Jason Crest, but the musical template did mutate.

Uk three CD set.


Strangers In The Room: Journey Through The British Folk Rock Scene1967-1973 / Various

Grapefruit #ad - It's now half-a-century since british folk rock became A Thing, with the early practitioners breaking new ground and inspiring an entire scene that peaked in the late '60s/early '70s. As with other grapefruit genre anthologies, the set features many of the scene's prime movers while taking a broader look at the overall picture with the inclusion of several acts who ploughed a similar musical furrow without the same level of acclaim.

Ranging in scope from seminal uk folk rock texts and chart-topping singles to lo-fi demo recordings, Strangers In The Room pays thrilling testimony to the depth of talent that existed within the British and Irish folk rock scene during the period in question, and featuring a number of previously unreleased tracks from the disparate likes of Gerry Rafferty and cult favorites Fresh Maggots, and whose influence still reverberates some fifty years later.

. Housed in a clamshell box featuring a lavish 40-page booklet, Strangers In The Room documents that hugely fertile period, when everything was grist to the mill in what quickly became a glorious stylistic melting pot. Three CD set. Earnest young post-dylan singer/songwriters moved away from the intimacy of the folk clubs in favor of the nascent college/university circuit.

Strangers In The Room: Journey Through The British Folk Rock Scene1967-1973 / Various #ad - These include hertfordshire-based group lifeblud, and university student Jeremy Harmer, who supported many of the leading bands of the era and recorded no less than three albums of original material none of which made it past acetate stage, who cut a privately-pressed album that inspired his friend and second guitarist David Costa to put together Trees.


Travelin' Thru, 1967 - 1969: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 15

Sony Legacy #ad - Disc 1 finds dylan in columbia's studio a in nashville recording alternate versions of compositions written for John Wesley Harding October 17 and November 6, 1967 and Nashville Skyline February 13-14, 1969 while introducing a new song "Western Road" a Nashville Skyline outtake. Disc 3 closes with tracks recorded on may 17, 1970 with grammy award-winning bluegrass banjo legend Earl Scruggs for the PBS television special, "Earl Scruggs: His Family and Friends" originally aired January 1971.

The latest chapter in the highly acclaimed bob dylan bootleg series revisits Dylan's pivotal musical journeys to Nashville, focusing on previously unavailable recordings made with Johnny Cash and unreleased tracks from the John Wesley Harding, Nashville Skyline, from 1967 to 1969, and Self Portrait sessions.

Travelin' Thru, 1967 - 1969: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 15 #ad - . Discs 2 and 3 are centered around dylan's collaborations with american music icon johnny cash including the much sought-after Columbia Studio A sessions and on-stage performances at the Ryman Auditorium May 1, 1969 for the recording of the premiere episode of The Johnny Cash Show originally broadcast on ABC-TV on June 7, 1969.


Harmony In My Head: UK Power Pop & New Wave 1977-1981 / Various

Cherry Red #ad - Name acts include elvis costello, squeeze, the freshies, nick lowe, eddie & the hot rods, the Jags and Wreckless Eric, Buzzcocks, who are joined by other less successful but nevertheless key players The Records, The Flys etc as well as a host of rare 45s on tiny labels, many of which have never been on CD before.

The british scene's reiteration of the appeal of a more traditional pop approach saw several attempts to provide an alternative to the unsatisfactory new wave epithet. Harmony in my head includes many of the new wave/power pop scene's biggest hitters alongside the more melodic Punk bands. New wave was a term coined in 1977 to describe a clutch of new artists whose music shared much of the energy of punk, but boasted a more sophisticated level of musicianship and a heavier reliance on traditional pop melodies.

Harmony In My Head: UK Power Pop & New Wave 1977-1981 / Various #ad - Harmony in my head is another of cherry red's celebrations of a bygone era - this time, the boom in Power Pop and New Wave which followed the Punk explosion in 1977. Uk three CD set. The deluxe clamshell package includes a weighty booklet full of illustrations, with a 12, 000-word sleeve-note incorporating band-by-band biographies by compiler David Wells.


Revolution: Underground Sounds Of 1968 / Various

Esoteric #ad - Aside from featuring better known acts such as crazy world of arthur brown, dantalian's chariot, Gun, Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera, The Action, this compilation also features lesser known acts that produced work of a wide breadth such as Eyes of Blue, Procol Harum and Pentangle, Second Hand, Love Sculpture, The Moles and Blonde on Blonde.

The common thread among all of these artists was an emphasis on experimentation and a desire to push the perceived boundaries of popular music. Uk three cd clamshell boxed set celebrating the so-called underground rock music 1968, a year that saw huge changes, both musical and social. This collection celebrates a creative period when rock music was evolving into something altogether more serious, moving away from the single as medium to give way to the dominance of the album.

Revolution: Underground Sounds Of 1968 / Various #ad - 1968 was a pivotal year for creativity in british rock, tomorrow, blues, idle race, folk and more that would eventually become termed as "progressive", "folk-rock" and "hard" rock, Traffic and The Move, but gradually giving way to styles influenced by jazz, beginning with some influences of psychedelia still present in work by ground-breaking artists such as Pretty Things, Incredible String Band, all of which championed by "underground" figures of the day such as DJ John Peel on his BBC Radio One show Top Gear and by publications such as International Times and Oz.

Feed your head with Revolution - Underground Sounds of 1968.


Looking At The Pictures In The Sky: British Psychedelic Sounds of 1968/ Various

Cherry Red #ad - It goes without saying that 1968 doesn't have the same kind of cachet as 1967 - a year that, in musical terms, will always be indelibly associated with the Summer of Love, Sgt. All these and more are gathered on looking at the pictures in the sky, which provide a fascinating overview of the group scene in Britain and Ireland! in 1968, shining a light on unreleased gems, choice album cuts, cult classics, neglected B-sides and alternative versions.

But although the major players turned away from the excesses of the previous year in favor of a back-to-basics musical approach, there were arguably a greater number of psychedelic records made in 1968 than during the preceding twelve months. Vital, mike stuart span, with the factory, boeing duveen, fleur de lys, the Barrier, lysergically-inclined 45s emerged from a whole host of younger groups, The Fire, Rupert's People and numerous others all releasing singles that have long been widely regarded by psychedelic collectors as genre classics.

Looking At The Pictures In The Sky: British Psychedelic Sounds of 1968/ Various #ad - Pepper and the emergence of psychedelia. As with it's 1967 equivalent let's go down and blow our minds, the four-hour, 78-track anthology Looking At The Pictures In The Sky is housed in a striking clambox that contains a 44 page booklet crammed with biographical information and rare photographs of the featured acts.

2017 three cd collection re-issued with new artwork and revised tracklisting.


New Moon's In The Sky: British Progressive Pop Sounds Of 1970 /Various

Grapefruit #ad - We acknowledge the end of the road for some bands who'd achieved a modicum of late sixties success honeybus, Atomic Rooster about to score two major hit singles in the space of six months, Love Sculpture, Stray, Plastic Penny while also charting the arrival of various acts like Curved Air, future heavy metal major leaguers UFO, Affinity and Cressida, all of whom were able to combine underground rock credibility with an appreciation of the three-minute pop song.

Uk three CD set. New moon's in the sky: the british progressive pop sounds Of 1970 features appropriately enough seventy tracks from the first year of the new decade as the British pop scene adjusted to life without The Beatles. It's also yet another essential Grapefruit package. This set concentrates on the more song-based recordings to emanate from British studios during 1970, whether from a pure-pop-for-then-people perspective or the more concise, melodic end of the burgeoning progressive rock spectrum.

But as always, the one-shot-and-you're-out releases, the beatles disciples, we also shed light on the lost and buried: the studio-only creations, the psychedelic folk adventurers, the pseudonymous pranksters and the backroom duckers and divers that littered the industry at the turn of the decade. Having documented the british psychedelic scene with anthologies devoted to the years 1967, 1968 and 1969, Grapefruit's ongoing series fearlessly confronts the dawn of the Seventies with a slight rebrand.

New Moon's In The Sky: British Progressive Pop Sounds Of 1970 /Various #ad - We also feature a number of successful late sixties acts attempting to stay relevant in the new decade and adapt to a changing musical landscape The Hollies, Procol Harum, The Move, Status Quo, The Tremeloes etc. Housed in a clamshell box containing a 52-page booklet that's crammed to bursting point with group bios and obscure photos/memorabilia, New Moon's In The Sky is a fascinating document of a febrile period.


Fab Gear: British Beat Explosion & Its Aftershocks 1963-1967 / Various

Cherry Red #ad - Six cD set. Named after the slang term forever associated with the beatles, this mammoth 6-CD box set offers around 180 tracks in chronological order from the mid-1960s, many of which are new to CD and some of which are previously unissued. The hefty booklet boasts band-by-band histories and details of each recording, including early works by David Bowie, Status Quo, Clifford T.

The bonus disc six contains recordings which weren't issued at the time, including many tracks which have never been heard before. British beat was the term adopted to describe the exciting new sounds out of Liverpool and other cities in the wake of The Beatles' explosion onto the world stage in 1963/64.

Fab Gear: British Beat Explosion & Its Aftershocks 1963-1967 / Various #ad - Fab gear includes many of the era's biggest names such as the kinks, the moody blues, the tornados, billie davis, the migil 5, twinkle, david & the vibrations, Chad & The Jaywalkers, Tony Jackson & Jonathan, The Ivy League, Peter Jay & Jeremy, The Searchers and The Tremeloes and other hit acts such as The Marmalade, The Rockin' Berries, Arthur Brown, The Alan Price Set, The Truth, The Undertakers, The Quiet Five and The Sorrows.

Ward, fleetwood mac, deep purple, the move, jimi hendrix experience, Manfred Mann's Mike d'Abo, Mott The Hoople, Lemmy and future members of Yes, Traffic, Lindisfarne and Man.


All The Young Droogs: 60 Juvenile Delinquent Wrecks / Various

Cherry Red #ad - Comes this bookending box set. Uk three CD set. From the makers of the Junkshop Glam genre defining Velvet Tinmine, Glitterbest and Boobs compilations. Themed by arch jsg collector and musician phil king into three groups; Rock Off! For the heads down boogie sounds; Tubthumpers & Hellraisers for the footstomping hand clapping pop pounders; Elegance & Decadence for the mascara masquerading gender bending weird and wonderful.

Some further context comes from inclusion of relevant cuts by Mott The Hoople, Hello, Iggy & The Stooges, Be Bop Deluxe, Third World War. The booklet contains a fascinating and highly-informative 2000 word essay from an authority on the genre - Tony Barber - the bassist with the Buzzcocks. Including tracks from the usa, iceland, Sweden, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia as well as homegrown UK.

60 tracks of the finest slices of JSG in it's various guises, as established by collectors around the world over the past decade. Plus stalwart pop auteurs Jonathan King and Mike Berry. Some previously unreleased, many first time on CD. Three discs in individual wallets, housed in a clam shell box, which also includes a 36 page booklet.

All The Young Droogs: 60 Juvenile Delinquent Wrecks / Various #ad - The box set sweeps up a colourful array of musical renegades and nomads as they moved and shook the scene, actor richard strange as kid strange in doctors of madness, tv smith pre-adverts in Sleaze, ex-New York Dolls Rick Rivets band The Brats, 60's northern soul chanteuse Glo Macari backed by Slowload who get their own track as produced by Vic Maile, Baby Grande the forerunners of The Church, such as: first Juicy Lucy vocalist Ray Moon, as in house producer of Steve Elgin at Dawn, Jimmy Edwards a cohort of Jimmy Pursey in Sham 69 in earlier solo mode and, ex- Spider From Mars Woody Woodmansey, Angel produced by Mick and Andy from The Sweet.