Hardcastle 8


What I Like

Shanachie - The brand new "what i like" features brilliant r&b cover versions of the bruno mars' smash "That's What I Like, " "Maxwell's romantic "Sumpthin' Sumpthin' " and Kim's re-imagining of the Isley Brothers' classic "Voyage To Atlantis!" Shrink-wrapped. 2018 release from the smooth urban jazz superstar. Kim waters has sold over one million albums in his more than 20 years of touring and recording.

. Loved by r&b and jazz fans alike, his crossover appeal, Smooth Jazz #1 radio hits and dynamic performances have placed him among the elite in his ?eld.

Espresso MQACD

Evosound - His expressiveness through both writing and performance permeates the rocking minor-key blues of "Bulgogi, " the funk strut of "Submarine, " the definitive cool jazz of "Topside, " the turbulent, " the whispered beauty of "Promenade, more complex yet supremely listenable "Mojito Ride" and every other moment on Espresso.

Bob james, record producer, arranger, returns with Espresso, and founding member of Fourplay, record executive, the Grammy Award-winning jazz keyboardist, his first solo-led project in 12 years. Mqa cd plays back on all CD players. Every nuance, every subtlety, every tiny drop of emotion delivered to your ears.

Espresso MQACD - Shrink-wrapped. Mqa is an award-winning technology that delivers the sound of the studio. Imagine being present at the original studio performance of your favourite recording artist. Shrink-wrapped. 2018 release. When a conventional cd player is connected to an MQA-enabled device, the CD will reveal the original master quality.

Album tunes, penned by james, reflect the same inventiveness and musical fluency that persuaded Quincy Jones to become his mentor and champion back in 1963. The bob james trio is complete with drummer Billy Kilson and bassist Michael Palazzolo.

The Highest Act Of Love

Shanachie - Shrink-wrapped. From the inspired collaboration with r&b legend denise Williams on her signature song "Free" to the bluesy guitar duet with Paul Brown, The Highest Act Of Love is Norman Brown at his best. Shrink-wrapped. The highest act of love has something for everyone, whether an R&B fan or a Jazz a?cionado.

Shrink-wrapped. 2019 release. Grammy award-winning contemporary jazz/r&b superstar Norman Brown has sold over two million albums in his extraordinary career and virtually lives at the top of the Billboard Contemporary Jazz sales and radio charts.

The Jazzmasters VII

TRIPPIN & RHYTHM 28929119 - Daughter maxine and son paul Hardcastle Jr again makeappearances on the record providing just the right accents in all the right places. Pull up under the hardcastle tree, pick a side and savor the fruits of this fabulous labor. This is hardcastle's wheelhouse and nobody does it better. Well into his third decade crafting signature songs of our time churning out chart topping mega-hits with ease, Paul Hardcastle adds another branch to his musical tree, one that is again bearing delicious fruit.

Vii, takes a decidedly different approach, while it carries all of the hallmarks that have come to define his unique style and sound, with the focus on serving up compelling sonicinstrumental soundscapes and less about vocals. For those who use music as an escape from the day to day, these sides are the perfect transporting device, rich soulful atmospherics that lift you through space and time and carry you away to destinations of your choosing.

The Jazzmasters VII - Urban substructures layered with sexy yet subtle grooves, punctuated with perfectly placed notes and vibrations create the perfect flow of ambience as you depart on this soothing musical journey, a one way ticket to pure pleasure. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. This is pure ear candy that will provide that rush of sweetness yet is high in nutritional content, satisfying and full flavored.

The lead radio single 'unlimited love' a tip of the hat to one of Paul's biggest influences Barry White adds another first and features label mate and one of the genres brightest rising stars trumpeter Cindy Bradley.

The Chill Lounge Volume 3

TRIPPIN & RHYTHM 34221064 - Paul hardcastle - vol 3: chilL LOUNGE - CD Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

Life And Times

Shanachie - Life and times is the highly anticipated follow up to the smooth jazz super chart topping More Serious Business - which included two #1 smooth jazz radio hit singles! Featuring three of the most important hit makers on the scene today: Jeff Lorber, Everett Harp and Paul Jackson, Jr. 2019 release. Artists and producers responsible for selling millions of albums and scoring close to 50 #1 Smooth Jazz radio hits! Highlights include the hit single, " the super funky, "Ready Freddie, "Where You're At, " the high-spirited romp "Exotic" and much more! Shrink-wrapped.

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

Open Road

Adult/Jazz/Classics - eOne - The rippingtons and russ freeman have been at the forefront of the contemporary jazz, smooth jazz, and instrumental pop music genres! They have sold over 3. 5 million albums to date. The rippingtons- Open Road. Every new rippingtons album has debuted in the top 5 of the billboard Jazz Chart including 4 Number 1 Debuts! With every album a new chapter has been written with their innovative song writing, in-studio production and inventive instrumentation, and Open Road is no exception.

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. The rippingtons featuring Russ Freeman are back with a new album: Open Road. Shrink-wrapped.

Thirty Three And A Third

On Side Records - Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. For over three decades the acoustic alchemy have been at the forefront of contemporary jazz, even if the band's signature eclectic mix of styles has meant they have never comfortably fit snugly into any one genre; "We've had a lot of labels over the years, at the start there were all these names flying around like new adult contemporary, new age music, and then it became smooth jazz, but we've never really thought about ourselves as being in any one particular genre.

We just make music we like. Says greg, "at the core it's always been about one simple concept: the sound of the nylon and steel guitars working together, but that leaves a lot of scope for exploring all sorts of musical ideas. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. The rippingtons- Open Road. Shrink-wrapped. 2018 release.

Four On The Floor

Boomtang B07MFM72DL - Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Featured with the band is well-known vocalist Cece Peniston and Wade O Brown. The rippingtons- Open Road. This 5 track limited edition ep by toronto-based four80East covers many genres: Classic House/Soul/Latin House/Nu Jazz/Electro Groove Funk/Chill and Smooth Jazz. Shrink-wrapped.

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

On Another Note

Shanachie - Shrink-wrapped. The 10 brilliant originals that run the gamut from 'in the pocket' r&B to sensuous smooth jazz jams are proof that Pieces of a Dream are at the top of their game!! Lead producer and founding member James Lloyd, who has been a go-to hit maker and accompanist for Mary J. 2019 release. Shrink-wrapped.

The rippingtons- Open Road. Blige, najee and others, shines here with such highlights as the funky "Kickin' And Screamin'" and the romantic ballad "Smooth Dreams. Additionally, the hard grooving "real to me, co-founder Curtis Harmon's composition, " demonstrates why the "Pieces" sound is a unique crowd pleaser! Shrink-wrapped.

On Another Note - Discovered, nurtured and produced Pieces of a Dream while they were teenage phenoms still in high school. Since then they have toured the world, sold over two million albums, joyful musical celebration, scored both smooth jazz and R&B radio hits while garnering legions of dedicated fans! On Another Note is a funky, filled with melodic grooves that have made Pieces of a Dream fan favorites.

The great Grover Washington, Jr. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.