The Journey of Little Charlie National Book Award Finalist

Scholastic Press - Fearing for his life, charlie strikes a deal with Cap'n Buck and agrees to track down some folks accused of stealing from the cap'n and his boss. It's only a matter of time before Cap'n Buck catches on. Newbery medalist christopher paul Curtis brings his trademark humor and heart to this story of a boy struggling to do right in the face of history's cruelest evils.

It's not too bad of a bargain for Charlie. Until he comes face-to-face with the fugitives and discovers their true identities. Torn between his guilty conscience and his survival instinct, Charlie needs to figure out his next move -- and soon. The national book award finalist by christopher paul curtis!twelve-year-old Charlie is down on his luck: His sharecropper father just died and Cap'n Buck -- the most fearsome man in Possum Moan, South Carolina -- has come to collect a debt.

The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle

Katherine Tegen Books - From the critically acclaimed author of Waiting for Normal and All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. He’s desperate to figure out what happened to Calvin and, eventually, Benny. But will anyone believe him? national book award finalist * ala schneider family book award * 2019 alsc notable children’s book * publishers weekly best books of 2018 * 2019-2020 nebraska golden sower award * Amazon Best Books of 2018 * Kirkus Best of Children's 2018 * New York Public Library Best Books 2018 * Chicago Public Library Best of the Best Books 2018 * 2018 Nerdy Book Club Middle Grade Winner * South Carolina Junior Book Award Nominee * 2020 Colorado Children's Book Award Nominee.

An investigation drags on, honest as the day is long, and Mason, can’t understand why Lieutenant Baird won’t believe the story Mason has told about that day. Cook, comes a deeply poignant and beautifully crafted story about self-reliance, redemption, Leslie Connor, and hope. Mason buttle is the biggest, sweatiest kid in his grade, and everyone knows he can barely read or write.

The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle - When calvin goes missing, Mason finds himself in trouble again. Fifteen months ago, mason’s best friend, Benny Kilmartin, turned up dead in the Buttle family’s orchard. Both mason and his new friend, tiny Calvin Chumsky, are relentlessly bullied by the other boys in their neighborhood, so they create an underground haven for themselves.

Mason’s learning disabilities are compounded by grief.

The Night Diary

Kokila - When papa decides it's too dangerous to stay in what is now Pakistan, Nisha and her family become refugees and embark first by train but later on foot to reach her new home. But even if her country has been ripped apart, Nisha still believes in the possibility of putting herself back together. Told through nisha's letters to her mother, The Night Diary is a heartfelt story of one girl's search for home, for her own identity.

. And for a hopeful future. The journey is long, and after losing her mother as a baby, and dangerous, Nisha can't imagine losing her homeland, difficult, too. A 2019 newbery honor book *a walter dean myers honor winner *an ala notable book *a malka penn award recipient *a new york times editor's Choice Pick *A Junior Library Guild Selection *Named a Best Book of the Year by Amazon, School Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews, NPR, The New York Times, and The Washington Post.

The Night Diary - A gripping, nuanced story of the human cost of conflict appropriate for both children and adults. Kirkus, and of one girl's journey to find a new home in a divided countryit's 1947, and hopeful tale of India's partition, personal, newly independent of British rule, starred reviewIn the vein of Inside Out and Back Again and The War That Saved My Life comes a poignant, and India, has been separated into two countries: Pakistan and India.

The divide has created much tension between Hindus and Muslims, and hundreds of thousands are killed crossing borders. Half-muslim, half-hindu twelve-year-old Nisha doesn't know where she belongs, or what her country is anymore.

The Assassination of Brangwain Spurge

Candlewick - Anderson and newbery honoree Eugene Yelchin, this tale is rife with thrilling action and visual humor. Anderson and eugene yelchin pair up for an anarchic, outlandish, and deeply political saga of warring elf and goblin kingdoms. Uptight elfin historian brangwain spurge is on a mission: survive being catapulted across the mountains into goblin territory, deliver a priceless peace offering to their mysterious dark lord, and spy on the goblin kingdom — from which no elf has returned alive in more than a hundred years.

Brangwain’s host, the goblin archivist Werfel, is delighted to show Brangwain around. A hilarious and biting social commentary that could only come from the likes of National Book Award winner M. They should be the best of friends, blunders, but a series of extraordinary double crosses, and cultural misunderstandings throws these two bumbling scholars into the middle of an international crisis that may spell death for them — and war for their nations.

The Assassination of Brangwain Spurge - Subverting convention, award-winning creators M. T. And a comic disparity that suggests the ultimate victor in a war is perhaps not who won the battles, but who gets to write the history. T.

My Brigadista Year

Candlewick - In an engrossing historical novel, the newbery medal-winning author of Bridge to Terabithia follows a young Cuban teenager as she volunteers for Fidel Castro’s national literacy campaign and travels into the impoverished countryside to teach others how to read. When thirteen-year-old lora tells her parents that she wants to join Premier Castro’s army of young literacy teachers, her mother screeches to high heaven, and her father roars like a lion.

Nora has barely been outside of havana — why would she throw away her life in a remote shack with no electricity, Nora’s abuela takes her side, sleeping on a hammock in somebody’s kitchen? But Nora is stubborn: didn’t her parents teach her to share what she has with someone in need? Surprisingly, even as she makes Nora promise to come home if things get too hard.

My Brigadista Year - But how will nora know for sure when that time has come? shining light on a little-known moment in history, Katherine Paterson traces a young teen’s coming-of-age journey from a sheltered life to a singular mission: teaching fellow Cubans of all ages to read and write, while helping with the work of their daily lives and sharing the dangers posed by counterrevolutionaries hiding in the hills nearby.

Inspired by true accounts, the novel includes an author’s note and a timeline of Cuban history.

Harbor Me

Nancy Paulsen Books - Jacqueline woodson is the 2018-2019 national ambassador for young people's literaturea new yorK TIMES BESTSELLER! Jacqueline Woodson's first middle-grade novel since National Book Award winner Brown Girl Dreaming celebrates the healing that can occur when a group of students share their stories. Uplifting and hopeful, readers in fourth and fifth grade in particular will appreciate this magnificent novel.

Seira wilson, Amazon Editor. And together, they can grow braver and more ready for the rest of their lives. It all starts when six kids have to meet for a weekly chat--by themselves, with no adults to listen in. There, in the room they soon dub the artt room short for "a room to talk", they discover it's safe to talk about what's bothering them--everything from Esteban's father's deportation and Haley's father's incarceration to Amari's fears of racial profiling and Ashton's adjustment to his changing family fortunes.

Harbor Me - Six kids with very different life experiences narrate Harbor Me, award-winning author Jacqueline Woodson's powerful and timely novel. When the six are together, they can express the feelings and fears they have to hide from the rest of the world. Through woodson's characters, young readers will identify with the importance of sharing our stories and helping one another through times of prejudice and fear.

The Seventh Wish

Bloomsbury USA Childrens - Acclaimed author kate messner expertly weaves fantasy into the ordinary, in an important story of self-reliance and hope that will open readers' eyes to the wonders and challenges of their world. Charlie quickly learns that the real world doesn't always keep fairy-tale promises and life's toughest challenges can't be fixed by a simple wish.

. But when charlie's first catch of the day happens to be a talking fish offering her a wish in exchange for its freedom, her world quickly turns upside down, as her wishes go terribly and hilariously wrong. Just as charlie is finally getting the hang of communicating with a magical wishing fish, a family crisis with her older sister brings reality into sharp focus.

The Seventh Wish - When charlie brennan goes ice fishing on her town's frozen lake, she's hoping the fish she reels in will help pay for her dream: a fancy Irish dancing dress for her upcoming competition. Bloomsbury.

The Book of Boy

Greenwillow Books - Bloomsbury. Peter has the power to make him the same as the other boys? this epic and engrossing quest story by Newbery Honor author Catherine Gilbert Murdock is for fans of Adam Gidwitz’s The Inquisitor’s Tale and Grace Lin’s Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, and for readers of all ages. They are stealing the relics and accumulating dangerous enemies in the process.

Features a map and black-and-white art by Ian Schoenherr throughout. With a hump on his back, a mysterious past, and a tendency to talk to animals, he is often mocked by others in his town—until the arrival of a shadowy pilgrim named Secondus. A treat from start to finish. Wall street journalBoy has always been relegated to the outskirts of his small village.

The book of boy was awarded a Newbery Honor. Impressed with boy’s climbing and jumping abilities, Secondus engages Boy as his servant, pulling him into an action-packed and suspenseful expedition across Europe to gather seven precious relics of Saint Peter. Boy quickly realizes this journey is not an innocent one.

The Book of Boy - But boy is determined to see this pilgrimage through until the end—for what if St. A newbery honor book * booklist editors’ choice * bookpage best books * chicago public library best fiction * horn book fanfare * Kirkus Reviews Best Books * Publishers Weekly Best Books * Wall Street Journal Best of the Year * An ALA Notable BookA young outcast is swept up into a thrilling and perilous medieval treasure hunt in this award-winning literary page-turner by acclaimed bestselling author Catherine Gilbert Murdock.

The Parker Inheritance

Arthur A. Levine Books - A mystery enfolding its writer. The challenge will lead them deep into Lambert's history, full of ugly deeds, forgotten heroes, and one great love; and deeper into their own families, with their own unspoken secrets. An injustice that happened decades ago. But the letter describes a young woman. Johnson writes about the long shadows of the past with such ambition that any reader with a taste for mystery will appreciate the puzzle Candice and Brandon must solve.

The new york times book reviewwhen candice finds a letter in an old attic in Lambert, South Carolina, she isn't sure she should read it. Can they find the fortune and fulfill the letter's promise before the answers slip into the past yet again? Bloomsbury. And the fortune that awaits the person who solves the puzzle.

The Parker Inheritance - So with the help of brandon, the quiet boy across the street, she begins to decipher the clues. A coretta scott king author Honor and Boston Globe / Horn Book Honor winner!"Powerful. It's addressed to her grandmother, who left the town in shame.


Bloomsbury Children's Books - Even if the inmates are caught, she worries that home might never feel the same. Breakout is the story of a prison break narrated by three girls who live in the neighborhood surrounding the prison. Bloomsbury. What begins as just reporting on the event ends up saying a lot about racism and criminal justice, letters, comics, told in a very accessible style of texts, and more.

Seira wilson, amazon editornora tucker is looking forward to summer vacation in Wolf Creek--two months of swimming, popsicles, and brushing up on her journalism skills for the school paper. Told in letters, poems, news stories, text messages, and comics--a series of documents Nora collects for the Wolf Creek Community Time Capsule Project--Breakout is a thrilling story that will leave readers thinking about who's really welcome in the places we call home.

Breakout - Worst of all, everyone is on edge, and fear brings out the worst in some people Nora has known her whole life. But when two inmates break out of the town's maximum security prison, everything changes. Doors are locked, helicopters fly over the woods, and police patrol the school grounds.

Every Shiny Thing

Harry N. Abrams - When lauren’s parents send her brother to a therapeutic boarding school for teens on the autism spectrum and Sierra moves to a foster home in Lauren’s wealthy neighborhood, both girls are lost until they find a deep bond with each other. In this beautifully constructed middle-grade novel, Lauren prides herself on being a good sister, told half in prose and half in verse, and Sierra is used to taking care of her mom.

But when lauren recruits sierra to help with a Robin Hood scheme to raise money for autistic kids who don’t have her family’s resources, Sierra has a lot to lose if the plan goes wrong. Lauren must learn that having good intentions isn’t all that matters when you battle injustice, and Sierra needs to realize that sometimes, the person you need to take care of is yourself.

Every Shiny Thing - . Bloomsbury.