The Painter’s Daughter

Bethany House Publishers - She often walks the cliffside path along the north Devon coast, popular with artists and poets. Publisher - baker Pub Group/Bethany House. Will she regret marrying captain overtree when a repentant Wesley returns? Or will she find herself torn between the father of her child and her growing affection for the husband she barely knows? Super - Fiction.

Knowing his brother rented a cottage from a fellow painter, he travels to Devonshire and meets Miss Dupont, the painter's daughter. It's where she met the handsome Wesley Overtree, the first man to tell her she's beautiful. Captain stephen Overtree is accustomed to taking on his brother's neglected duties.

The Painter's Daughter - Author - Klassen Julie. He does not offer love, or even a future together, but he can save her from scandal. Julie klassen is the gold standard for inspirational Regency FictionSophie Dupont, daughter of a portrait painter, assists her father in his studio, keeping her own artwork out of sight. If he dies in battle, as he believes he will, she'll be a respectable widow with the protection of his family.

Desperate for a way to escape her predicament, Sophie agrees to marry a stranger and travel to his family's estate. Home on leave, he's sent to find Wesley. But at overtree Hall, her problems are just beginning.

The Secret of Pembrooke Park

Bethany House Publishers - Will abigail find the treasure and love she seeks. Or very real danger? Bethany House Publishers. The fosters journey to imposing pembrooke park and are startled to find it entombed as it was abruptly left: tea cups encrusted with dry tea, moth-eaten clothes in wardrobes, a doll's house left mid-play. The handsome local curate welcomes them, but though he and his family seem acquainted with the manor's past, the only information they offer is a stern warning: Beware trespassers drawn by rumors that Pembrooke Park contains a secret room filled with treasure.

This catches Abigail's attention. Praise for julie Klassen"A remarkable tale with many unpredictable twists and turns. Cba retailers+resources"a treat for readers who want their historical romances served up with a generous dash of mystery. Booklist"klassen's work appeals to all who seek a riveting Regency romance.

The Secret of Pembrooke Park - Rt book reviewsAbigail Foster is the practical daughter. Hoping to restore her family's finances--and her dowry--Abigail looks for this supposed treasure. As old friends and new foes come calling at Pembrooke Park, secrets come to light. She fears she will end up a spinster, especially as she has little dowry, and the one man she thought might marry her seems to have fallen for her younger, prettier sister.

The Tutor's Daughter

Bethany House Publishers - But now one of them finds himself unexpectedly drawn to her. When the suspicious acts escalate, can the clever tutor's daughter figure out which brother to blame. And which brother to trust with her heart? Bethany House Publishers. They both remember Emma Smallwood from their days at her father's academy. Who does emma hear playing the pianoforte, only to return it with a chilling illustration?The baronet's older sons, Phillip and Henry, only to find the music room empty? Who sneaks into her room at night? Who rips a page from her journal, wrestle with problems--and secrets--of their own.

But after they arrive and begin teaching the younger boys, mysterious things begin to happen and danger mounts. Award-winning regency romance from bestselling author julie KlassenEmma Smallwood, determined to help her widowed father regain his spirits when his academy fails, agrees to travel with him to the distant Cornwall coast, to the cliff-top manor of a baronet and his four sons.

The Tutor's Daughter - She had been an awkward, studious girl.

The Dancing Master

Bethany House Publishers - Though he's initially wary of julia Midwinter's reckless flirtation, he comes to realize her bold exterior disguises a vulnerable soul--and hidden sorrows of her own. Julia is quickly attracted to the handsome dancing master--a man her mother would never approve of--but she cannot imagine why Mr. Finding himself the man of the family, London dancing master Alec Valcourt moves his mother and sister to remote Devonshire, hoping to start over.

With alec's help, can Julia uncover old secrets and restore life to her somber village. And to her mother's tattered heart?filled with mystery and romance, The Dancing Master brings to life the intriguing profession of those who taught essential social graces for ladies and gentlemen hoping to make a "good match" in Regency England.

The Dancing Master - Praise for julie klassen's the tutor's daughter"whether you're a fan of Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte, or both, you will soon become a fan of Julie Klassen once you read this wonderful book. Goodreads "well-developed characters, plot twists, and attention to period detail make this a sure bet for fans of Regency novels.

Library journal"regency/Klassen fans will love the mystery, romance, and drama. Publishers WeeklyDiscussion questions included. But he is stunned to learn the village matriarch has prohibited all dancing, for reasons buried deep in her past. Alec finds an unlikely ally in the matriarch's daughter.

The Girl in the Gatehouse

Bethany House Publishers - There, she supports herself and her loyal servant the only way she knows how--by writing novels in secret. Captain matthew bryant, returning to england successful and wealthy after the Napoleonic wars, leases an impressive estate from a cash-poor nobleman, determined to show the society beauty who once rejected him what a colossal mistake she made.

When he discovers an old gatehouse on the property, he is immediately intrigued by its striking young inhabitant and sets out to uncover her identity, and her past. Can mariah and captain bryant uncover them before the cunning heir to the estate buries them forever? Bethany House Publishers. Miss mariah aubrey, banished after a scandal, hides herself away in a long-abandoned gatehouse on the far edge of a distant relative's estate.

The Girl in the Gatehouse - The old gatehouse holds secrets of its own. Falling in love with an outcast would ruin his well-laid plans. But the more he learns about her, the more he realizes he must distance himself.

Maid of Fairbourne Hall

Bethany House Publishers - But can she remain hidden as a servant even when prying eyes visit Fairbourne Hall? Observing both brothers as an "invisible" servant, Margaret learns she may have misjudged Nathaniel. Is it too late to rekindle his admiration? And when one of the family is nearly killed, Margaret alone discovers who was responsible.

Praying no one will recognize her, Margaret fumbles through the first real work of her life. With no money and nowhere else to go, she takes a position as a housemaid in the home of Nathaniel Upchurch, a suitor she once rejected in hopes of winning his dashing brother. Regency romance and mystery from Bestselling Author Julie KlassenPampered Margaret Macy flees London in disguise to escape pressure to marry a dishonorable man.

Maid of Fairbourne Hall - Should she come forward, even at the risk of her reputation and perhaps her life? And can she avoid an obvious trap meant to force her from hiding?On her journey from wellborn lady to servant to uncertain future, Margaret must learn to look past appearances and find the true meaning of "serve one another in love.

Bethany House Publishers. If she can last until her next birthday, she will gain an inheritance from a spinster aunt--and sweet independence.

Ladies of Ivy Cottage Tales from Ivy Hill

Bethany House Publishers - A man who once broke her heart helps her search for clues, Mercy Grove, but will both find more than they bargained for? Rachel's friend and hostess, has given up thoughts of suitors and fills her days managing her girls' school. When the village women encourage her to open a subscription library with the many books she has inherited or acquired through donations, Rachel discovers two mysteries hidden among them.

Somehow. Now if only the man she misses would return--but where is he?As the women of Ivy Hill search for answers about the past and hope for the future, might they find love along the way? Bethany House Publishers. So when several men take an interest in Ivy Cottage, she assumes pretty Miss Ashford is the cause.

Ladies of Ivy Cottage Tales from Ivy Hill - . Exactly what--or who--has captured each man's attention? The truth may surprise them all. Meanwhile, life has improved at the coaching inn and Jane Bell is ready to put grief behind her. New from the top author of inspirational Regency RomanceReturn to Ivy Hill in The Ladies of Ivy Cottage as friendships deepen, romances blossom, and mysteries unfold.

Living with the two miss groves in Ivy Cottage, impoverished gentlewoman Rachel Ashford is determined to earn her own livelihood.

The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill Tales from Ivy Hill

Bethany House Publishers - Despite their strained relationship, Thora, Jane turns to her resentful mother-in-law, for help. However, with the town's livelihood at stake and a large loan due, she must find a way to bring new life to the inn. First series from bestselling author Julie Klassen!The lifeblood of the Wiltshire village of Ivy Hill is its coaching inn, The Bell.

As she and jane work together, they form a measure of trust, and Thora's wounded heart begins to heal. Bethany House Publishers. But when the innkeeper dies suddenly, Jane Bell, his genteel wife, becomes the reluctant owner. When she encounters two men from her past, she sees them--and her future--in a different light.

The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill Tales from Ivy Hill - With pressure mounting from the bank, Jane employs innovative methods to turn the inn around, and puzzles over the intentions of several men who seem to have a vested interest in the place. Jane has no notion of how to run a business. Formerly mistress of The Bell, Thora is struggling to find her place in the world.

Will her efforts be enough to save The Bell? And will Thora embrace the possibility of a second chance at love? Bethany House Publishers.

Bride of Ivy Green Tales from Ivy Hill

Bethany House Publishers - Will they oust the imposter, or help rescue her from a dangerous predicament?In the meantime, everyone expects Miss Brockwell to marry a titled gentleman, even though her heart is drawn to another. But jane is reluctant to give up her inn and destine another man to a childless marriage. Then someone she never expected to see again returns to Ivy Hill.

. Should she uproot herself from Ivy Cottage to become a governess for a former pupil? Her decision will change more lives than her own. A secretive new dressmaker arrives in the village, but the ladies soon suspect she isn't who she claims to be. While the people of Ivy Hill anticipate one wedding, an unexpected bride may surprise them all.

Bride of Ivy Green Tales from Ivy Hill - Don't miss this romantic, stirring conclusion to Tales from Ivy Hill. Much has happened in idyllic ivy hill in recent months, and while several villagers have found new love and purpose, questions remain--and a few dearly held dreams have yet to be fulfilled. Jane Bell is torn. Bethany House Publishers. Mercy grove has lost her school and is resigned to life as a spinster, especially as the man she admires seems out of reach.

Bethany House Publishers.

Lady of Milkweed Manor

Bethany House Publishers - Isbn13: 9780764204791. Buy with confidence! Millions of books sold! . Notes: brand new from publisher! 100% satisfaction guarantee. Bethany House Publishers. The engaging and moving story of a once-proper lady who finds herself in a most unexpected situation; a romance set in Regency England. Condition: New. Tracking provided on most orders.

Bethany House Publishers.

Silent Governess

Bethany House Publishers - Isbn13: 9780764204791. Notes: brand new from publisher! 100% satisfaction guarantee. But all is not as joyous as it seems. Tracking provided on most orders. Condition: New. As olivia and lord bradley's secrets catch up with them, will their hidden pasts ruin their hope of finding love? Bethany House Publishers.

. Buy with confidence! Millions of books sold! Condition: New. Fearing she will spread his secret, he gives the girl a post and confines her to his estate. When he glimpses a figure on the grounds, he fears a spy or thief has overheard his devastating news. Isbn13: 9780764207075. Bethany House Publishers. Lord bradley has just learned a terrible secret, if exposed, which, will change his life forever.

Silent Governess - Buy with confidence! Millions of books sold! Notes: brand new from publisher! 100% satisfaction guarantee. Believing herself guilty of a crime, Olivia Keene flees her home, eventually stumbling upon a grand estate where an elaborate celebration is in progress. Tracking provided on most orders. He is stunned to discover the intruder is a scrap of a woman with her throat badly injured.