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1. Acbel


Laptop Charger for Lenovo IdeaPad S340 S145 C340 110 120 120S 310 330S 320 S130 S130S S340 510 110S 110S-11IBR ADL45WCC PA-1450-5LL 5 320-15IAP Flex 4 5 Yoga 520 710 E41 N22 N23 20V 2.25A 45W Adapter

Acbel #ad - 1" and 15. 120s-14iap 130 130-14ikb 130-15ast 130-15ikb 130s 130s-11igm 130s-14igm 14 flex 4 1435 1470 1480 15 1570 1580 20m3 20m4 300 300e 300s 310 310-11iap 310-14iap 310-14ikb 310-15abr 310-15iap 310-15ikb 310-15isk 310s 310s-11iap 310s-14ast 310s-14ikb 310s-14isk 310s-15ikb 310s-15isk 320 320-14ast 320-14iap 320-14ikb 320-14isk 320-15abr 320-15ast 320-15iap 320-15ikb 320-15ikbn 320-17abr 320-17ast 320-17ikb 320-17isk 320c-15ikb 320s 320s-14ikb 320s-15ikb 320s-15isk 330 330-11igm 330-14ast 330-14IKB.

530s 530s-14arr 530s-14ikb 530s-15ikb 530se-14ikb 530se-15ikb 530sh-14ikb 530sh-15ikb 530sl-14ikb 530sl-15ikb 530sr-14ikb 530sr-15ikb 5a10h42919 5a10h42921 5a10h42923 5a10h42925 5a10h43625 5a10h43630 5a10h43632 5a10h7035 flex 6 6-11igm 6-14arr 6-14ikb 710 710-11ikb 710-11is 710-11isk 710-14ikb 710-14isk 710-15ikb 710-15isk 710s 710s plus 710s-13ikb 710s-13isk 720-12ikb 720s 720s-14ikb 80ke 80ke000fus 80mh 80mh000xus 80mh000yus 80mh0012us 80mh005hus 80mh005kus 80mh005lus 80mJ 80MJ. 6" models only 100s-14ibr chromeboko 11 110 110-14ast 110-14ibr 110-14isk 110-15acl 110-15ast 110-15ibr 110-15isk 110-17acl 110-17ikb 110-17isk 110s 110s-11ibr 110-touch 1130 120 120S 120S-11IAP 120S-14.

330-15ikb 330-17ast 330-17ikb 330e-11igm 330h-11igm 330-15arr 330-15ast 330-15igm 330l-11igm 330r-11igm 330s 330s-14ast 330s-14ikb 330s-15arr 330s-15ast 330s-15ikb flex 4 4-1130 4-1435 4-1470 4-1480 4-1570 4-1580 5 500 500e 500s 510 510 pro 510-12ikb 510-12isk 510-14ast 510-14ikb 510-14isk 510-15ikb 510-15isk 510s 510s-12isk 510s-13ikb 510s-13isk 510s-14ikb 510s-14isk 5-1470 5-1570 520 520-12ikb 520-14ikb 520-15ikb 520e-15ikb 520h-15ikb 520l-15ikb 520r-15ikb 520s 520s-14ikb 530-14arr 530-14IKB. Black 4. 0 x 1. 7mm connector power supply adaptor.
BrandAcbel #ad
ManufacturerAcBel #ad
Height1.57 Inches
Length2.36 Inches
Width3.15 Inches
Part NumberADE011
Warranty12 Month Warranty

2. Dexpt


IdeaPad-AC Charger Fit for Lenovo Flex 5 4 6 ADLX65CCGU2A Flex-14 Flex-15, IdeaPad 3 5 S145 S340 S540 Flex 5-1470 5-1570 4-1470 4-1480 4-1570 6-14IKB 6-11IGM 1470 1570 Laptop Power Supply Adapter Cord

Dexpt #ad - Don't buy potentially inferior or dangerous chargers that can harm your laptop or worse! Package includes - 1 * power adapter 7. 5ft cable / dexpt replacement AC Charger fit for Original Lenovo Laptop Power Supply Adapter.

Compatible with lenovo ideapad flex 4 5 6 14 15 s145 s340 s540 flex 4-1470 4-1435 4-1480 4-1570 4-1580 4-1130 flex 5-1470 5-1570 1470 1480 1570 1580 flex 6-11igm 6-14ikb 6-14arr flex-14 flex-15 80ke 80sa 81c9 81ca 80vd 80ve 80xa 80xb 80u3, compatible with p/n: adl45wcc adp-45dw gx20k11838 pa-1450-55ll pa-1450-55ln pa-1450-55lr adlx65clga2a adlx65clgb2a adlx65clgc2a adlx65clge2a adlx65clgg2a adlx65clgi2a adlx65clgk2a adlX65CLGR2A 5A10H42919 5A10H42921 5A10H42923 5A10H43625.

Output max - 20v 3. 25a 65w compatible with 20v 2. 25a 45w input volt range - 100-240V. Ul listed products - the product has successfully met stringent requirements. Guarantee - within 30 days of purchase, we offer a no-questions-asked replacement or full refund guarantee, 365 Days Warranty Guaranteed by the Manufacturer.
BrandDexpt #ad
ManufacturerDexpt #ad
Part NumberA00254

3. Dexpt


45W AC Charger Fit for Lenovo IdeaPad S145 S340 S540 S150 1 3 5 Flex 14 15 FLEX-14 FLEX-15 C340 ADLX45NCC3A S145-14IGM S145-15IGM S340-14IWL S340-14API Laptop Power Cord Supply Adapter UL Listed

Dexpt #ad - Compatible with lenovo adl45wca adl45wcb adl45wcc adl45wcd adl45wce adl45wcf adl45wcg adl45wch adl45wck adlx45nac3a adlx45ncc3a adp-45dw adp-45dw aa adp-45dw b adp-45dw ba adp-45dw ca adp-45dw da adp-45dw ea adp-45dw ga adp-45dw ha adp-45dw ja adp-45dw ka 81tk 81xn 81n6 81n4 81rl 81n5 81ww 81w8 81w6 81vw 81vv 81nf 81qx 81vd 81xm 81vb 81mx 81ne 81q1 81nh 81nb 81nc 81qg 81nb 81mw 81sb 81n8 81rk 81qf 81n7 81nd 81qx 81qx 01fr125 01fr131 01fr122 01fr119 01fr114 01fr130 01fr126 01FR001 01FR049.

Ul listed products - the product has successfully met stringent requirements. Output max - 20v 2. 25a 45w input volt range - 100-240v//package includes - 1 * power supply 7. 5ft charging cable//guarantee - Within 30 days of purchase, we offer a no-questions-asked full money back guarantee. Compatible with lenovo ideapad 100 110 110s 120 120s 130 130s s130 310 320 330 330s 510 510s 520 520s 530 530s 710s series: 100-14 100-15 110-14 110-15 120s-11 120s-14 130-15 130s-11 130s-14 s130-11 s130-14 310-14 310-15 320-15 320-14 320-17 330-15 330-17 330s-15 yoga 710 710-11 710-14 710-15 series ideapad flex 4 5 6 11 14 15 flex-14 flex-15 4-1470 4-1570 4-1480 4-1580 5-1470 5-1570 1470 1480 1570 1580 1435 80s6 81c9 80r9 81a4 81A5 81CA 80UD 80T7 80TJ 80XR 80XM 80XS 80XL 80WG 80QQ 81B5.

Compatible with lenovo ideapad s145 s340 s540 s150 c340 1 3 5 flex 14 15 flex-15iwl flex-14api flex-14iml flex-15iwl s150-14ast s145-14iil s145-15iil s145-15ikb s145-14ikb s145-14igm s145-15igm s340-15iwl s340-14iwl s340-14api s340-14iil s340-15iil s340-15api s540-14iwl s540-14api s540-15iwl s540-14iwl s540-14iml c340-15iwl c340-14iwl c340-14api c340-15iml c340-14iml 1-11ast-05 1-14ast-05 1-11igl05 1-14igl05 3-14igl05 3-14iml05 3-15iml05 3-17ada05 3-17imL05 5-14IIL05 5-15IIL05 Laptop. Compatible with p/n: adl45wcc adp-45dw gx20k11838 gx20l23044 adl45wck pa-1450-55ll pa-1450-55lz pa-1450-55lu pa-1450-55ls pa-1450-55lr pa-1450-55ln pa-1450-55lk pa-1450-55lr 5a10h42919. Beware:compatible with lenovo part number may be the same but they might have different connectors, however some Laptop P/N laptop require Square Tip connector.
BrandDexpt #ad
Height0.3 Inches
Length2 Inches
Width1 Inches
Part NumberA00579

4. Superer


65W AC Charger Fit for Lenovo Ideapad 3 3-14 3-15 3-17 S145 S340 S740 15ADA05 3-14ADA05 3-14ARE05 3-15ARE05 3-17ARE05 3-14IML05 3-15IML05 3-17IML05 3-14IIL05 3-15IIL05 Laptop Power Supply Adapter Cord

Superer #ad - Package includes:1 X AC charger. Fit for lenovo ideapad 3 3-14 3-15 3-17 5-14 5-15 s145 s340 s530 s540 s740 1 1-11igl05 1-14igl05 3-14ada05 3-15igl05 3-17iil05 15ada05 3-17ada05 3-14are05 3-15are05 3-17are05 3-14iil05 3-15iil05 3-14iml05 3-15iml05 3-17iml05 5-14iil05 5-15iil05 5-14are05 s145-14igm s145-14iil s145-15iil s145-15ast s145-14api s145-14ikb s145-15api s145-15ikb s340-14api s340-14iwl s340-14iml s340-14iil s340-15iil s340-13iml s340-13iml s340-15iml s340-15iwl s340-15iwl s530-13iml s540-15iml s540-14IML S740-14IIL.

Warranty: 30 days money Back Guarantee/12 Months Warranty. Output:20v 3. 25a 65w compatible with 20v 2. 25a 45w input:100-240v 50-60Hz. Easy to carry, No need additional Power cord.
BrandSuperer #ad
ManufacturerSuperer #ad
Part NumberSP-03650

5. Govolia


65W 45W Ac Adapter Charger for Lenovo IdeaPad S145 S340 S540 710s 710 510s 510 310 110 100 100s/YOGA 710 Flex 4 5 6 Series Flex 4 1470 1580 GX20K11838 ADLX65CLGU2A Laptop Power Supply Adapter Cord

Govolia #ad - Compatible part number80mh0058vn, adlx65cdgb2a, adlx65cdgi2a, 8spa145055ln, 5a10h42926, adlx45dlc3a, adlx65cdga2a, 80mh007uge, adlx65clgc2a, pa-1450-55LI, adlx65cdgu2a, 5a10h42921, adlx65cdgr2a, 80mh005tge, adlx65cdge2a, pa-1450-55ln, l1cz51t001l, adlx65cdgk2a, 5A10K78736.

Security protectionovercurrent, temperature and short circuit protection. Warranty after sales30 days money back guarantee/12 Months Warranty and 24h x 7 E-mail Support, will be reply within 24 hours after you sent to us. Core security components, overload, overvoltage, multiple protection and safer. Power specsoutput:20v 3.

25a 65w fits 20v 2. 25a 45w ; input volt range: 110-240V Connector ; Size:4. 0mm*1. 7mm. Repalacement forlenovo laptop charger, yoga 710-15ikb ideapad 330 330s 530s s530 s130 330-15igm 330-17ikb 330-14ast 330-15arr 330-17ast 330s-14ast 330s-14ikb 330s-15ast 330s-15ikb 530s-14arr 530s-14ikb 530s-15ikb s130-11iGM S130-14IGM S530-13IWL Lenovo flex 4 14 15{the power of your original adapter}≤65W.
BrandGovolia #ad
ManufacturerGovolia #ad
Height1.7 Inches
Length6.8 Inches
Width3.7 Inches
Part Numbercreds-098

6. Dexpt


65W AC Charger Fit for Lenovo IdeaPad S145 S150 S340 S530 S540 S740 S145-14IWL S145-15IWL S145-14AST S145-15AST S145-14API S145-15API S340-14IML S340-13IML S340-15IML Laptop Power Supply Adapter Cord

Dexpt #ad - Compatible with lenovo ideapad flex 14 15 s130 s145 s340 s540 s530 s740 s130-11igm s130-14igm s145-14iil s145-15iil s145-15ikb s145-15api s145-14ikb s145-14api s145-15ast s145-14ast s145-15iwl s145-14iwl s340-13iml s340-15iml s340-14iml s340-14iil s340-15iil l s340-15iwl s530-13iml s540-15iml s540-14iml s740-14iil c340-15iwl c340-15iil flex-15iwl flex-14iwl flex-15IML Flex-15IIL FLEX-15IWL.

Package includes - 1 * power adapter. Compatible with lenovo 81xj 81n5 81ww 81w8 81w6 81ng 81vw 81vv 81rt 81nf 81wu 81ql 81um 81n9 81vd 81xm 81ut 81v7 81vb 81uv 81n3 81n8 81rk 81qf 81mu 81mv 81st gx20K11838 GX20L29355. Guarantee - within 30 days of purchase, we offer a no-questions-asked replacement or full refund guarantee, 365 Days Warranty Guaranteed by the Manufacturer. Output max - 20v 3. 25a 65w compatible with 20v 2. 25a 45w input volt range - 100-240V.
BrandDexpt #ad
ManufacturerDexpt #ad
Part NumberA00348

7. Nicpower


45W AC Charger Fit for Lenovo IdeaPad S340 S540 S340-14API S340-14IWL S340-15API S340-15API S340-15IIL S540-14API S540-14IWL S540-15IWL S540-14IML Touch Laptop Power Supply Adapter Cord

Nicpower #ad - Compatibility: compatible with lenovo ideapad s340 s540 s340-14api s340-14iwl s340-15api s340-15api s340-14iil s340-15iil s540-14api s540-14iwl s540-15iwl s540-14iml touch 81NB 81NB 81NC 81QG 81N7 81VV 81VW Laptop. Input: 100-240v 50-60hz output: 20v 2. 25a watts: 45 Watts. What you get:1 x ac Adapter 7. 5ft Cable. Feature: small, portable, Light, work, stay charged wherever you go - travel, home. Service & support: 30 days no-hassle Return Policy / Manufacturer 12 Months Warranty.
BrandNicpower #ad
ManufacturerNicpower #ad
Part NumberNP002283

8. Superer


45W AC Charger Fit for Lenovo Ideapad 1 3 S145 S340 S540 320s 320S-14IKB S340-14 S340-14API S340-15API S340-15IWL S340-14IIL S340-15IIL S540-14IWL S540-15IWL Laptop Power Supply Adapter Cord

Superer #ad - Safety - all of our product lines are put through rigorous quality control procedures to ensure safe, reliable operation for years to come. Warranty: 30 days money Back Guarantee/12 Months Warranty.

In addition, overcurrent, and include numerous safety mechanisms, including protection against short circuiting, overvoltage, our products are in compliance with top industry standards, and internal overheating. Package includes: 1 x Power Adapter, 1 X Power Cord. Fit for lenovo ideapad slim l3 1 3 s340 s540 s145 s150 320s 320s-14ikb 320s-15ikb 320s-15isk s340-14iwl s340-14api s340-15api s340-15iwl s340-14iil s340-15iil s540-14iwl s540-14api s540-15iwl s540-14iwl s540-14iml s145 s145-14igm 1-11ast-05 1-14ast-05 1-11igl05 1-14igl05 3-14iml05 3-15iml05 3-17ada05 3-17iml05 touch 81n7 81nd 81qx 81mw 81sb 81nb 81nb 81nc 81qg 81nh 81ne 81q1 gx20K11838 GX20L29355 Ideapad Laptop.

Output: 20v 2. 25a 45w input: 100-240v 50-60Hz.
BrandSuperer #ad
ManufacturerSuperer #ad
Height1.11 Inches
Length3.7 Inches
Width1.57 Inches
Part NumberSP-03282

9. Superer


65W 45W AC Laptop Charger Fit for Lenovo IdeaPad L340 C340 S340 S145 L340-15IWL Touch L340-17IWL L340-15 L340-17 S145-14 S145-15 S340-14 S340-15 GX20L29355 888014183 Power Supply Adapter Cord

Superer #ad - Package includes:1 X AC Charger. Warranty: 30 days money Back Guarantee /12 Months Warranty. Replacement laptop charger fit for p/n: gx20l29355 gx20l23044 adlx65cdgg2a adlx65cdgi2a adp-65hw ha adlx65ccgu2a adlx65cdgu2a adlx65clgu2a adlx65ccga2a pa-1650-20ll adlx65clgc2a adl45wcc adlx45ncc3a adlx45nac3a pa-1450-55LL PA-1450-55LN GX20K11838.

Fit for lenovo ideapad l340 c340 s340 s145 l340-15iwl touch l340-17iwl l340-15 l340-17 s145-14 s145-15 s340-14 s340-15; ideapad 2 in 1 - 14 81cw 81cx 80tj 80xm 81a4 81a5 80mj 80qn 80qq 80r9 80s6 80sa 80sm 80st 80t7 80tv 80tx 80u0 80u3 80ud 80ur 80v4 80v5 80v6 80ve 80vk 80wg 80xa 80xb 80xr 81c9 81CA 81H5 81H4 81H6 81H7. Output:20v 3. 25a 65w compatible with 45w Input:100-240V 50-60Hz.
BrandSuperer #ad
ManufacturerSuperer #ad
Height0.7 Inches
Length1.8 Inches
Width2.9 Inches
Part NumberSP-00113



65W Charger for Lenovo IdeaPad 330 320 330s 310 110 110s 330s-15ikb 320-15abr 330s-15ikb L340 C340 S340 S145 L340-15IWL L340-17IWL L340-15 L340-17 S145-14,Yoga 710,Power Cord Supply Adapter

TCORE #ad - Compatibile part numbers: adl45wcc pa-1450-55ll gx20k11838 adlx65clgr2a pa-1650-20ll pa-1450-55ln gx20l29355 81cw 81cx 81cw0000us pa-1450-55lr adl45wca, adp-45dw b, adp-45dw c, adp-45dw a, adl45wch, adp-45dw ba adlx65clgu2a adlx65cdgu2a adlx65ccgu2a adlx65CLGC2A ADLX65CCGC2A.

We have concentrated on adl45wcc pa-1450-55LL 81CW laptop charger production for more than twenty years. It charges your Ideapad as quickly as the original power supply. The jack fits snuggly into the laptop and it works perfectly! The power cord selects oxygen-free copper keeping lower eccentricity and more confidence in electricity consumption. Power specs: model: adl45wcc pa-1450-55ll 81cw, output: dc 20v 3. 25a 65w also compatible with 20v 2. 25a 45w, connector size: 4. 0mm*1. 7mm not usb type c please refer to the picture. Compatibile laptop models: ideapad 100, 100s, 110s, n22-20, 110, yoga 710 series 710-11isk 710-11ikb 710-14ikb 710-14isk 710-15ikb 710-15isk, 330s series, ideapad 310, n23, flex 5 1470 1570, 520s, 510s, flex 4 11 1130 1470 1580, b50-10, 710s series, ideapad 510, n42, 100s, 130, 330, 320, 120s, 530s, 520, 120, chromebook n22, 130s series, 320s, 320-15abr 330s-15ikb 320-17ikb 310-15abr 310-15ikb 320-15ABR 320-15IAP 320-17IKB 330-15IKB 330-15ARR 330-15IGM 330S-14IKB Touch-15IKB.

Package: 1x ac power adapter & 1x AC Power Cable 7. 5ft & 1x user Manual.
BrandTCORE #ad
ManufacturerTCORE #ad
Height1.2 Inches
Length10.6 Inches
Width1.8 Inches
Part NumberKT60W190342B3