The Cube Method

Powerlifters have been hitting PR after PR taking their strength to levels previously not thought possible. Are you ready for the next level in powerlifting training? are you tired of programs that leave you coming up short on meet day? How about getting the leg up on your competition with the tried and true “Old School” methods of powerlifting, with a modern application?You need a program that covers every aspect of strength training and leaves no doubt that your progress will be 100% real strength, and can be applied to both a raw or geared powerlifter.

This is the best advice i have to offer based on all the lessons I have learned, in one place, for you. The cube method has allowed my training to make me the strongest, most conditioned and explosive I have ever been! Not to mention all of the Cube lifters who are continuously smashing PR’s! Raw. Totaled 2, 530 lbs.

The cube method is not just another powerlifting program. I would have avoided injury, and burnout. While pr’s are extremely important, there is nowhere more important than on the platform. The most fun you will have training for PowerliftingThe Cube Method is the powerlifting training program that has taken athlete after athlete to the next level of strength.

Multi-plywhat does that mean? All of that knowledge and training experience has come together in The Cube Method. It combines and rotates heavy Days, Rep Days, and Explosive Days in a way that has never been done before.

Strength, Speed, and Power For Every Athlete - The Juggernaut Method 2.0

In this informative ebook, speed and change of direction performance-jump training to enhance rate of force development and explosive strength-medicine ball throws to improve total body coordination and explosive power with video demonstrations and explanations of each throwing variationconditioning-how to increase your alactic capacity, set and rep schemes that have produced champion strength athletes and All-Americans across a variety of sportsWARM-UPS-Specific warm-ups to prepare you for training sessions with a variety of emphasis and goals-Video demonstrations of every warm-up maneuver and techniqueALTERNATE PERIODIZATION MODELS-The Inverted Juggernaut Method-Undulating Periodization Model-The Juggernaut Method and The 9 Day Work WeekASSISTANCE WORK-Assistance training aimed at every physical goal-Weighted dip and chin-up programs to build tremendous relative strengthSPEED/POWER WORK-How to organize sprint training for maximum acceleration, you’ll learn the following…INTRODUCTION AND PHILOSOPHY-The foundational ideas of athletic performance training-The value of submaximal training and results driven progressTHE PROGRAM-Explanation and outline of the different phases of The Juggernaut Method-How to progress through each training session and from one training wave to the next-The percentage, aerobic capacity and lactic capacity-How to manipulate conditioning to enhance your recovery-Specific Football conditioning programTJM2.

0 for powerlifting and strongman-proper peaking strategies to ensure you are your strongest on the day of the meet-implementing strongman event training into your TJM program-Periodization schemes for Strongman eventsNUTRITION-Dietary guidelines for mass gain, body recompisition and fat loss-Juggernaut’s favorite recipes with macronutrient breakdownsThe information in this product outlines all of the details of athlete’s training at Juggernaut which they pay up to $1000/month for.

Tons of videos-these videos will allow you to see what you should and shouldn’t be doing to ensure you are doing things exactly correctly. This program gives you everything necessary to build your own athletic and strength training programs: Sets, rest periods, special exercises, reps, the works! . Are you ready to improve your performance in the gym and on the field? How would you feel with a more explosive, stronger, better conditioned body? Do you want to be the most dominant athlete possible? Click the cover of The Juggernaut Method 2.

Beyond 5/3/1: Simple Training for Extraordinary Results

This is a new chapter in training. Beyond 5/3/1 has all the tools you need to push the boundaries of strength, intensity, frequency and the quest for a new personal record. Beyond 5/3/1 will allow you to expand your training program to fit your goals and training style. This book has new templates and variations for every lifter that is looking for an edge.

This book pushes the 5/3/1 program in every direction with one goal - to get stronger.

The Raw Westside Bundle: Using The Conjugate Method for Raw Powerlifting

Learn how to structure a complete training cycle using a simplified form of block periodization. Done the Westside/Conjugate way. Bonus: "the ultimate Weight Cutting Protocol". Cut down your learning time on how to train your raw lifts correctly using Westside. Buy now for only $15. 99 $3. 99, and discover the most efficient way of using the westside / conjugate system for raw powerlifting!

The original #1 best selling short guide detailing what EXACT adjustments to make to the Westside system for raw lifting. Westside for raw Powerlifting: Periodization 101". How to effectively cut 8-10 pounds in 1 week for your next powerlifting meet. Learn how to use the westside/conjugate methods for raw powerliftingthis bundle includes three books, plus a bonus section for frequently asked questions about using the Westside system for raw lifting.

You get:"powerlifting: The Westside System For Raw Lifting". Done in the safest, easiest way possible with NO drugs and NO supplements. Bonus: an extensive list of frequently asked questions asked by actual Amazon readers about using Westside for raw lifting.

The System: Soviet Periodization Adapted for the American Strength Coach

Despite a seemingly endless supply of training programs promising enhanced athletic performance, the same questions inevitably plague strength and conditioning coaches. Rather, it provides an education in both the science and the art of coaching and will help you develop what the authors call the “Eye of the Coach” to ensure continued success for both you and your athletes.

. Their system of scientific programming and coaching produced not only powerful and resilient athletes, but also dominant championship teams spanning over three decades. Their distilled lessons and experiences will teach you: ~ a structured approach to advance a novice athlete to a stronger and more powerful performer ~ Why simplicity in exercise selection is one key to athletic development ~ The critical training variables that can make or break progress ~ How planned—not random—variations in training will yield progressive and sustained physical gains ~ How to integrate lifting, running, and jumping together to build explosive athletesThis book provides more than just a system of principles for optimal strength and conditioning program design.

How do you initiate an athlete’s strength program and progress it over the course of not just a season, but a career? How will you know when it is time to progress, and how can you avoid the consequences of overtraining? How can you develop an athlete’s work capacity while increasing strength, power, and speed without completely sacrificing one quality for another?The answer to all of those questions lies in the systematic approach to program design outlined in The System.

Hall of fame strength coaches johnny parker, testing, and refining the best practices and methods of Soviet-era sports science into a modern, and Rob Panariello have spent their entire careers studying, Al Miller, practical approach to strength and conditioning for long-term athletic development.

10/20/Life Second Edition: The Professional's guide to building strength has gotten even bigger and better

10/20/life - 10 and 20 weeks at a time for a lifetime of positive momentum in life and in training. Note: all of these faq are also clarified, addressed and explained in this version of book even better now• Cheat sheet of cues for the squat, bench and dead to quickly refer to• Charts for you to write in and program your own 10/20/Life training• Training logs to note your progress with each training day of each cycle.

You asked for it, i listened and took it even further: 10/20/Life Second Edition in soft-back physical copies. If the physical copy isn’t enough for some of you, many additions to each chapter & section with the 3 years of implementation from lifters all over the world!During these 3 years, I re-visited the whole book, and made many, your feedback, success-stories/testimonials and support – provided me many ways to improve this now much-more complete “Second Edition” of the 10/20/Life philosophy.

Just a few of the sizable additions to this “second edition” physical copy this book is now over 150 pages vs the original book's 100:• New chapter “Deload”• New chapter “Establishing a baseline”• New chapter “Speed work”Other updated features include:• A reintroduction to the 10/20/Life philosophy and update with AMAZING testimonials – male and female, raw and equipped.

The 5 main principles of 10/20/life• how do you gain a mental edge? tips to do so• what 10/20/life is not – putting to rest speculation• rpe – a different approach• nutrition – a closer look with detail• coaching cues updated and expanded• weak point index updated and expanded• Combo day updated and modified• Step-by-step set-up and the pro’s and con’s of a “wide base bench” vs the “traditional tucked” approach• New offseason training split “Jumbo Day” for those with little to no time to train or those who can’t recover between sessions with a typical split or even the “combo day”• All new pictures and charts throughout the entire book• Percentages for pre-contest modified and addressed with suggestions• Many new exercise and section “break outs” for explanations of movement, an important note, or simply a summary of the section• FAQ section with 15 of the most commonly asked questions.

Learn to be your own coach, attack your weaknesses and utilize a proven philosophy that is a guide to permanent success.

GZCL Method

Training manual and guidelines for powerlifters, and those who want to just get stronger.

5/3/1: The Simplest and Most Effective Training System for Raw Strength

And works for just about anyone willing to put in the discipline and work that getting stronger requiresElite level lifters to absolute beginners have all used the 5/3/1 Method; the basic tenets of strength training have and will never change. No more questions on what weights to do and what exercises to choose from.

Full body training to increase your squatting and overall strength. Big exercises, constant progress, and personal records will never go out of style. High school and college coaches are now using the 5/3/1 with their athletes with amazing success; it is easy to track, implement and will inspire any team to push for themselves to the limit.

The 5/3/1 method is truly for anyone that is looking to get stronger. For the 3 years, the response towards this simple but brutally effective training system has been overwhelming. Jim also covers how to combine 5/3/1 and Crossfit-style conditioning for maximum benefits and recovery. This is not a fancy training program that requires special equipment or Master's degree - all is required is your dedication to moving more weight than you had ever dreamed.

The 5/3/1 2nd edition features new chapters on programming assistance training for all the big assistance lifts. Simple and effective ways to eat for size and strength are revealed. The success of the 5/3/1 Method has been nothing short of extraordinary. Finally, rest/pause training for assistance work for building size and strength is programmed for maximum benefit.

5/3/1 for Powerlifting: Simple and Effective Training for Maximal Strength

We go to extremes for the personal record. Don't be fooled by parlor tricks and sleight of hand! Put a bar on your back or in your hands and get to work. Powerlifting* training for the Non-Competitive Powerlifter* Old Man Winter: Training for Mr. We want heavily knurled bars, chalk and garage gyms. Free squats* choosing a shoe* squatting in Gear* Benching in a Shirt* Deadlifting in a Suit* Rich T.

Even if you don't have plans on competing, this book will show you how to push for new one rep maxes and break through barriers. The principles presented in this book have stood the test of time - these have been used by some of the world's strongest men in their quest for strength and size. Strength, real strength training, has been lost in the world of fitness.

We need heavy squats and deadlifts. Baggins squat cycle* circa max training for the squat* Your First Powerlifting Meet* Hot to Take Steroids* Meet Checklist* 100 Questions Answered. There are no secrets to getting strong and the 5/3/1 program has brought back the principles that have been lost among the academics and pencil necks.

5/3/1 for powerlifting brings the program to the next level. This program remains simple and effective but gives you all the information for how to peak for a meet and display your strength on the platform. Gray pubes* assistance work* to pause or Not to Pause: The Bench Press* Using Knee Wraps* Box Squats vs.

COAN The Man, The Myth, The Method: The Life, Times & Training of The Greatest Powerlifter of All-Time

Read the story, learn the lessons and report to your local gym frequently. Henry rollins, musician and writer"i knew of ed coan because of his greatness in powerlifting long before I met him in 1989 at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago and we have been friends ever since. Never before has the world seen the lifts that Coan produced.

Ed helped me get my start as a powerlifter, strength coach and as a professional strongman. Ed coan is the gratest powerlifter who ever walked the face of the earth and the clear, concise powerlifting advice he dispenses in this book are a God-send to bodybuilders world-wide. Olympia. His simple and methodical approach gives testament to his laser sharp focus and mental ability to achieve what once was thought impossible.

If you want to gain massive muscular size, walk - no, make that run - to the book store and buy this book the moment you finish reading this unqualified endorsement. His form and his technique are flawless. I have learned a lot from the big man. Ed will go down as one of the best powerlifters to ever live, and he has the world records to prove it.

Thank you" - mark philippi, cscs - head strength Coach UNLV"This book is indispensable reading for any one who lifts weights, or wants to. I give this book my highest recommendation. Joe weider, trainer of champions since 1936"Ed Coan is not only the strongest powerlifter to ever live but he is also a quality individual.

High Frequency Powerlifting: The Science Behind High Frequency Training Powerlifting University Series

Then this book is for you. Soon he busted through his strength training plateaus and managed to achieve one of his long time goals of deadlifting 500lbs. That's 3x his own body weight! his clients have similar success and are deadlifting even as much as 600lbs and continue to add pounds to their total. When you're reading high frequency powerlifting you’ll discover … - the fallacy of 'less is more'- the real reasons why you MUST train more often once you're past the intermediate stage of lifting- 5 quick-start steps to set up ANY strength training program- The definitive short list of "perfect" volumes and intensities to build muscle, gain strength and increase power- A simple explanation of different periodization models ensuring you never plateau again- And much more.

. If you’re tired of being frustrated about your numbers, or if you're ready to take your lifting to the next level and want to start setting PR's again, if your lifts are going nowhere fast, and not keep the mediocre results you're having right now. Wasting months, years even, doing these programs and not getting the results he wanted.

Frustrated with the lack of any real progress and after reading about a top secret Norwegian high frequency powerlifting study, he decided to dive deep into the science and practice of strength training. After that he gained insight on how to set up ANY strength training program, including high frequency training programs.